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I have severe IBS issues and struggle with painful constipation. I have tried many expensive probiotic pills, that stopped working over time. I've been using this "magical stuff" for about a month and can use the bathroom every day now. Love it so much, I told one of my specialists to recommend it to her patients!  Thank you, so much for saving me from painful IBS!


After three years of PPIs to help my stomach issues (which only worsened them), then not getting any results from OTCs like Zantac, and no relief from probiotic capsules, I really thought I'd suffer forever.  I'm so happy I was wrong.  I'm so happy I picked up your kefir and gave it a chance.  Pain, bloating, heartburn - GONE. I have my appetite back. I am sleeping better. I feel more energetic.  I am SOLD.  Thank you!


I have been using it for my immune system which was distorted after being in hospital ten days for pneumonia, and receiving massive IV antibiotics (seven different types). I became allergic to one and had another two and a half weeks of skin burning and itching from my feet to my neck. One month of using this product has made such a difference, and I will continue to use it and promote to everyone.


I have been battling a post surgery staph infection. The amount of antibiotics I have been on for the last 6 months could kill an elephant. I’m sure The Cultured Coconut has been the only thing saving me from the nasty side affects of antibiotics.


I have struggled with diverticulitis for a few years and after several attacks I had a resection done in 2014. I started using your product in 2015 after another episode. I am happy to say that I have been symptom free for over 18 months and I owe it to this wonderful dietary supplement. Every time I hear someone say they have a digestive issue I recommend they start with taking your product! Thanks for improving my health in such a significant way.